• Image of One Matte Black Spot for Super E/G
  • Image of One Matte Black Spot for Super E/G

1 Matte Black Spot for Super E/G

•BCM Air cleaners are machined from 6061 aluminum, then hand massaged to meet our high standards and insure a quality fit and finish.

•We enlisted the help of some our most trusted motor gurus to help in the basket design. This basket design greatly minimizes air restriction and with the addition of the ™"vortex cone" you get increased and properly directed air flow.
The high percentage open area stainless cage allows more air flow to pass through quickly and easily.

•With a lot of help from the guys at Uni Filter we came up with right foam density for a BCM propriety big twin filter element. Uni filter cuts and glues the filter specifically for us to ensure the best fit.

•To take the guess work out installation all of the mounting hardware is one size stainless flat head socket bolts however we did go ahead and throw in an extra slotted oval head bolt for the lid just incase that's the look your going for.

•We do strongly suggest applying a dot of blue thread lock on all threads during installation.

•Dimensions 1 1/4” x 4”

***Fuel delivery (carbureted or EFI) may need to be modified to maintain the correct air and fuel mixture.

Made in USA